Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 6:21 PM PST


Concord Recording Artist Brian Nova is considered one of the top Jazz Guitarists/Vocalists in the nation, according to a recent poll in Jazz Improv Magazine.  Joe Pass said of Nova: ‘I feel Brian is one of the finest Jazz Guitarists on the scene!’  He has the distinction of being the only guitarist who was mentored by, and toured with, the two titans of Jazz guitar: Herb Ellis and Joe Pass.  
Rock Icon Steve Miller says: ‘I’ve met and known a lot of guitarists in my career, and ‘B’ is one of the best guitarists I’ve ever met.’ 
“ I feel Brian is one of the finest jazz guitarists on the scene!” - Joe Pass, 1994

“Brian is one of my favorite duet partners…..he goes for the groove.” - Red Mitchell, 1996

“He is a true pleasure to play with. He’s my Man!” - Herb Ellis, 2000

Jazz Times “This record really swings! The band behind the very competent Seattle-based guitarist Brian Nova is clearly capable of capturing a groove and sticking with it. Much of that is owed to the nimble rhythm section, but with a vet like Buddy Catlett on bass, how could you miss? Nova himself is an accomplished guitarist, on both electric and acoustic, where his fingers lightly dancing on the fretboard exploring bossa grooves at breakneck tempos... Let's hear more...” - Mike Quinn, Jazz Times, November 2001

Jazz Steps “Nova uncorks a series of tasty, understated workouts on a repertoire of jazz standards and bossa nova classics. The guitarists long, single note runs paint some well-drawn narratives... and the rhythm duo of Catlett and Williamson provide supple, swinging underpinnings. The leader's warm unadorned vocal readings add a nostalgia-induced romantic gloss to the proceedings, but it's Nova's string-bending and the collective swing that impresses me most... The members listen as well as they play, and they play really well.” - Joseph Blake, Jazz Steps, October 2001

The Rocket “Like Herb Ellis, Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass before him, Nova is a smooth guitarist who tosses off fluid runs and melodic riffs like nobody's business... The band is swinging... The musicianship is hot and tasteful... Nova's got the goods...”

Earshot J azz Magazine “Nova's command of Jazz guitar technique, combined with rock energy, his beautiful sound, his engaging stage presence, merge perfectly with the room creating a warm welcoming atmosphere. The rest is Jazz history!”